Dawn Rinkle

Dawn Rinkle RN, HNB-BC is an AHNCC board certified holistic nurse, BASI certified pilates instructor, and Synergistic Myofascial Therapy Practitioner. She began teaching pilates in 2009 and added myofascial bodywork to her practice in 2015. Initially, she focused on empowering senior individuals with training to enhance longevity, quality of life, and autonomy through increased strength and mobility. Her practice quickly expanded to include dancers, yogis, and athletes seeking to up-level their performance by optimizing alignment and muscle recruitment patterns while maximizing recovery and injury prevention. She also works with pre and postnatal women seeking a more natural birth and recovery experience. Her love and appreciation for alignment, agility, and precision was inspired by her ballet training. As a child and adolescent she studied under Yvonne Bergeron at Ecole De Dance. There her love for ballet was established. She continued practicing on her own taking occasional classes and performing minor roles in local productions. In 2013 she established Columbia Dancenter with a faculty of highly qualified instructors including Yvonne Bergeron and international ballet master Henry Danton. In 2016 she moved on to focus on family and expanding her holistic nursing practice. In addition to her private practice she continues to teach at CDC, SMBT and offers online classes, courses, and coaching.

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